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Wilbur Schnitker is Musician in Residence, and Emeritus Professor of Music at Muskingum College (University), New Concord, Ohio.


He joined the faculty in 1942 and is now musician in residence and emeritus professor of music.  He followed his undergraduate education at Carthage College with graduate study at the University of Michigan, and extensive study at the Eastman School of Music.  He has worked with such notable pianists as Arthur Loesser, Johanna Harris, Cecile Genhart, Jose Echaniz and Arnold Schulz. He earned national prominence during the 1970 bicentennial celebration of Beethoven=s birth, performing the entire cycle of 32 Beethoven sonatas for piano from memory during a two week period.


This archive is a collection of various recordings made during the career of Mr. Schnitker.  Most were made in the Brown Chapel of Muskingum College (University), New Concord, Ohio.


These recordings constitute a lifetime of performance achievement. Wib, along with his wife Kay have been a positive influence in hundreds of students over the decades at Muskingum College (University).


This collection represents more than thirteen years of recording and editing these works. Having begun in 1997, this writer has spent weeks every summer in New Concord, Ohio editing these wonderful performances.


They are all available for purchase. All monies, minus expenses are returned to Wib. I do not make a profit on any of these recordings.


As you peruse the list of works you will find some fascinating recordings of works rarely performed (and a few Wilbur Schnitker arrangements as well).


Please keep in mind that these recordings were made in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Audio fidelity, while mostly good does vary with the age and recording equipment available at the time. I think you will agree that the sonic quality of the recordings is far less important than the fact that we have recordings of his works.


Included in the collection are also harpsichord performances by Katherine Schnitker, as well as a complete library of all their duo-piano performances.


As part of the historical section is a cross reference of every concert and recital they performed while at Muskingum. (I think we got them all.)


Please also note that there are two disks which are recorded conversations with Wib, done in the summer of 2008 assisted by MHS alum and bon vivant Mr. William Hines and wife Bobbie.


Take a listen to the samples, and feel free to contact me with any orders, comments and requests.